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Dubai | Sharjah

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About Chitra Singh Salon
Best ladies salon at Sharjah | Best Ladies Salon at Dubai

Chitra Singh Ladies Salon is the best ladies salon in Sharjah & Dubai, is located at heart of Dubai, at Al Jadaf & we have 2 Branches at Sharjah at Al Majaz & Abu Shagara from past 7 years. We started in the year of 2015 and with a motto to redefine The Beauty Statement at UAE. We are one of the luxurious yet affordable and spacious Salon now with 3 branches in Sharjah & Dubai. Chitra Singh Ladies Salon is the dream child of Mrs. Chitra SIngh who herself holds decade long experience in Beauty Industry. When we started we not only focused on the quality of Space & services but also Quality Staff and a Quality environment. We tied up with the most luxurious beauty brands to offer world class services to our guests and provide them an experience of a lifetime in salon. With regular training programs our each and every staff is equipped with latest technology, equipments and best products to offer you the best services you can look for. With us hygiene matters the most and with our ample of space you always feel safe like home. With best of class amenities you can step right into our salon and enjoy the most luxurious salon experience with us.

Chitra Singh Salon, Dubai front view
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Very good customer service

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Ayisha Aslam

Good value for money because of their offers, and and services were up to the mark... Friendly and honest staff

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Visit Us

Chitra Singh Ladies Salon

Sharjah Branch 1 : Abdul Kareem Rasasi Building - Shop No 1 - behind King Abdul Aziz Street,

Abu Shagara  Sharjah - United Arab Emirates.  +971 6 510 7585 | +971 56 230 7927

Sharjah Branch 2 : Shop No - 4, Al Shamsi Building 3, Jamal Abdul Naseer Street, Al Majaz, 

Al Majaz 2 - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates.  +971 6 715 7278 | +91 50 943 3981

Dubai Branch :  Azurite Tower - Shop No-17 -

Al Jaddaf,  Dubai - United Arab Emirates.  +971 48 781 231 | ‎+971 54 381 7040

Abu Shagara - Sharjah : +971 6 510 7585 | +971 56 230 7927

Al Majaz 2 - Sharjah : +971 6 715 7278 | +91 50 943 3981
Al Jaddaf - Dubai +971 48 781 231 | ‎+971 54 381 7040



All Days:  10 am - 11 pm  

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